Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 2011 session with Miss Karla Joy, photos by Jo Russ

This was great session to kick off Las Vegas Dr. Sketchy's 2011 season. This session marks 1 year at our current home, Dino's Lounge.
The model that was originally booked got stuck at the airport in Philly and had to cancel. Miss Karla Joy was right there to save the day! She happily jumped in at last minute to be January's model.
Miss Karla Joy arrived at Dino's to entertain the Art Monkeys equipped with 4 costume changes for the session.  The session started with a trip to Daytona Beach for "Spring Break 99'!" as Miss Karla Joy dressed at a Girls Gone Wild girl.
Next a rocking horse and Miss Karla Joy in a penguin onesy was what the Art Monkeys were to draw. Playing over the speakers was the album 150 songs for kids that was downloaded from I-Tunes minuets before. It was kinda creepy.
The 3rd costumed character of the evening was Miss Karla Joy as a luchador. This was the hit of the session. The contest held for this segment was to draw Miss Karla Joy into a comic strip with story. We did 4 five minute poses and the Art Monkeys were   given another few minutes after to finish their comic story. This was a first for this contest and it is
a keeper for sessions to come.
Miss Karla Joy ended the session as a shark attack. As she took the stage the theme from Jaws was played.
Miss Karla Joy "the Joy of Your Life" is a local Las Vegas Burlesque performer. You can find her on the web at

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