Sunday, December 4, 2011

October Session at The Artifice

Our new home at The Artifice started in October for our Halloween session.  A great friend, the Professional Bad Ass, Mr. Mat Black was our first model for that "Sketch-o-ween" night.  He started off by performing his awesome balloon swallowing "Shitzu" act that began our first half of the night.  It was his first time learning about and modeling for Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas and was eager to get pose ideas from the artists.  After he was finished for the night, he confided he was thrilled to have had the opportunity and was most enthusiastic to do it again, I eagerly agreed.  I am hoping next time he'll do a little more of his act and perhaps take off a shirt.
Mat Black 2011

Matt Black 2011

Mat Black 2011

Art Monkeys!

Mat and Winner of Contest

Later in the night, the lovely Ivana Blaize took to the stage and performed her awesome "full moon" burlesque number.  I absolutely loved this performance when I saw it at the Burly-Q-review 2 months prior at Daddy Mac's and had to ask her to come on out for our Halloween session.  She also had great pose ideas for the night which had one Art Monkey literally leaping from his chair to get a closer look.  Inspiration is awesome.  Below are some photos of those poses and some great artwork.
Ivana Blaize 2011

Ivana 2011

Ivana 2011

Proud winner of the Boo Berry Cereal + goodie bag

I absolutely loved our first night in our new home, even came sporting my favorite fangs.  I want to thank all that came out for the special night especially to the Art Monkey's who I am getting to know each and every session (I'm hoping to do more than one per month so I can see your faces more often).  Also I wanted to thank both models, Mr. Mat Black The Professional Bad Ass where you can find him and his awesome performances at the Royal Resort in the Rock N Roll Comedy Show Friday's and Saturdays starting at 9pm, as well as The Dirty Joke Show at Hooters the rest of the week at 10pm.  Just tell him Dr. Sketchy's sent you. :)   Ivana Blaize can be seen around town in a variety of Burlesque shows.  (will get more info soon).

That is it for this post!  Next up will be November which had the best turn out I've seen yet!  And I can't believe it is already December.  :)  Until next time Art Monkey's, keep the inspiration flowing!


p.s. if you would like to sponsor a session and donate prizes for our contests, please contact me at  Thank you!

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