Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The February NewsLetter, it's growing. Dr Sketchy's Feb Newsletter
The very first Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Las Vegas Newsletter (January Edition).

January 2012 Session of Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas

The January Dr. Sketchy's session brought in 2012 with a big "Bump and Grind" bang! Cha Cha Velour, the former Principal and Las Vegas Dr. Sketchy's branch founder, graced us with her awesome burlesque presence and incredible poses. She also brought along with her 2 tickets to her once a month Burlesque show as one of the contest prizes. The show is the last Saturday of every month and showcased at Boomers Bar.  She also brought along much enthusiasm for her new burlesque dance studio, which very recently opened up for anyone and everyone to learn how to shake, shimmy and take it off the true burlesque way.  For more information about her show as well as finding out how you can take burlesque dance classes, check out "Live Burlesque Las Vegas".

The January session also brought in quite a few new faces to Dr. Sketchy's and I found myself running through several announcements (and getting winded) to catch everyone up to speed on the future events and some fun new changes, or more like additions to the Las Vegas branch.

I'll recap the 8 minute speech I found myself spewing out before we got started:  

First announcement was the newsletter. The newsletter is a helpful and informative way to familiarize everyone who attends and who are new about the model, the sponsors, the Art Monkey's themselves and anything else that involves Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.  First and foremost is the model, it's nice to know a little more about who is up in front of you posing, how they came to be a volunteer with us or where she/he is going next.  I find it a good way to break the ice and to share a little history with the artists.  Secondly, is the "Art Monkey of the Month", which is a good way to encourage more participation in contests and to get to know fellow artists by sharing a little bit about them (buying them a drink is optional).  Lastly, to bring in more sponsors by sharing their websites and a small snippett of what they have to offer or how they've contributed to the Dr. Sketchy's Las Vegas community.  If you'd like to be a sponsor, simply contact us via our email address

The second announcement I was really eager to advise everyone of, is the May Sketchy showcase! I thought it would be an awesome way to recognize all the loyal Art Monkey's who come out month after month, to find them a local art gallery and showcase their work.  The catch? They just have to come to each session and sign up until April, so that in May their work can be shown.  That will be 4 sessions (not too much to ask).  

And the Third and final piece of information I belted out over the microphone, was that we are starting our 2nd session per month, which will be held on a Saturday and early.  My hopes are to get more artists to come outside their studios who are not normally able to be out on a week night. And to test the waters, I've opted to do this every other month until I see how the community likes and embraces it.

Yes, that was a long introduction at best, so writing it out will help everyone remember or discover the exciting new year activities and hopefully will get you coming back for more and more.  Besides, I might have talked just a little too fast.  :) 

Below, please find some photos of our January night with Cha Cha Velour.

Our two winners of the night!  

Cha Cha's Tiki God

Rob Ponte, Sinner Magazine