Monday, June 18, 2012

Art Monkey’s of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas chapter, first I’d like to say Thank you! Thank you for your patience with updating this beloved blog. It has been a very busy several months and also exciting. I feel like I am still catching my breath.  As those who’ve attended know some fun sessions have been held and for those who did not find their way to the Artifice, you missed out on some good times, good causes and just plain hyjinx. However don’t fret my fellow Art Monkey’s, there is more to come and I took photographs.

I believe I left off in February and March with our new Newsletter which tells of some fun facts about our model each session.  For March, Ms Vi-Vacious debut a new dress and act, as well as lots of skin (eye brow raise, eye brow raise). The Newsletter also features information about our new “Art Monkey” of the month and valuable information on where you can find the artists' art pieces or their next showcase so you can go out and fetch original art for your own walls.  I am also hoping to incorporate more and more sponsors to spread the word and cause to reach the Las Vegas Artists who may not know about Dr. Sketchy's and who need a night off from their every day.  I'd love feedback if you are so inclined.

So, first catch up month was February... "My Bloody Valentine", unfortunately the two gorgeous ladies who were going to break blood (literally I was planning on having ponchos for the front row) "Vamp Girls" were unable to make it last minute (I hope to see their blood throwing later in the year), fortunately two incredible ladies Moana Marie and Sierra Love stepped in and showed off some devilish horns and succulant fangs, I even was able to bust my trust worthy fangs and blood to the surface for a couple of poses.  Did I mention I like Vampires?   Moana came onto the stage with a very "heart" warming number tainted love by Marilyn Manson which immediately got the blood pumping in some, or most of the guys seated with their pencils.  As the completion of the song Sierra Love came on to the stage and the session commenced.  Several unique and artist favorite poses had the night feeling as if it shouldn't have ended at 11pm.

About a week later within the month of February, the first Saturday was held.  We were fortunate to have the incredible and talented JP Nomi Malone for our first Saturday 6 to 9 session.  I absolutely love his energy and ideas of poses.  His enthusiasm and love for the art made me incredibly happy for our first Saturday, especially when I saw his first performance before posing.  A split between woman and man, dancing to "Bring me To Life".   Let me say this, if any of you have the privilege to see him perform near you? I intrigue you to go ASAP.  His energy and incredible talent of dance along with his original performances had many of the artists wanting him back the very next week!  It was refreshing to have such a talented male model pose for Sketchy's!  I can't wait to have him back.  So without typing too much more, please look below and see some of the action from February.

Photo by Scott McKeeve

Photo By Scott McKeeve

Photo by Scott McKeeve

Photo by Scott McKeeve (LOVE THIS)

Photo by Scott McKeeve

Photo by Scott McKeeve

Photo by Scott McKeeve

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Art Monkey VA Lee!

Art Monkey Jerald Johnson


Then came our MARCH Session with the Voluptuous Vi-Vacious!  Luck of the Irish she picked March.  Gorgeous woman with incredible curves had you art monkey's drooling or drawing, whichever you prefer.   Vi-Vacious started posing for Dr. Sketchy's at the very first one held at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend.  And this was to be her last session with us.  :(  I'd say she could always give lessons on posing in her retirement.  :)

As with March and the Irish charm, we had to have a male in a kilt, "luckily" my friend Damon was in town ready to sport his and share how much Beer really means to him.  It's like a bit of pot  O' Gold...  (yes, I did say that it in an Irish accent as I typed).

Tomorrow, I'd like to share with you April and May (May was a doozy with 3 events).  As well as share the up and coming months sessions such as July, August, September and October.  They are sure to be sessions you won't want to miss.

Until tomorrow....

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